Jewish Studies

AJU College’s Jewish Studies Program readies students for professions in Jewish education, the rabbinate, cantorial studies, and higher Jewish academic study, while providing an engaging curriculum for curious spiritual seekers on the road to discovering their professional paths.

Founded with the intention to create a laboratory for Jewish cultural evolution, AJU College is a uniquely fulfilling environment to study Judaism, attracting internationally renowned Jewish educators, rabbis and scholars.

Our students pluralistically engage in Jewish life through courses in Jewish philosophy, history, tradition and social sciences. AJU College’s Curriculum of Purpose teaches students to apply Jewish ethics and Talmud toward self-actualization, service and community-building.

On-campus and in nearby culturally rich neighborhoods, students participate in and become a vital part of Los Angeles’ vibrant Jewish community.

AJU College’s strong network sets a foundation for our graduates to competitively pursue vocational programs, post-graduate education, and career placement.

Jewish Studies professors connect our students with top organizations for internships, higher education and career positions. Local Hebrew schools and afterschool programs recruit AJU Jewish Studies students for teaching positions. Post-graduates hold leadership positions at Valley Beth Shalom synagogue, and others.

Our graduates go on to work as influential community-builders for Jewish social justice and sustainability movements in the greater Los Angeles area and beyond.

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Pinchas Giller Ph.D
Phone // 310.476.9777 x550
Email //

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