Politics & Global Studies

Political Science at AJU College gives students the life skills, awareness and education to be professionals and activists who shape our local, national and international worlds.

Students are taught to become empowered, informed citizens who engage with and influence their local and global communities.

Our three political science majors set the foundation for each students’ specialized path:

  • Political Science: Interdisciplinary curriculum that immerses students in political science’s sub-disciplines, with flexible course selection, including Israeli and Middle East politics.
  • US Politics, Law, and Public Policy: Individualized preparation for post-graduate degrees and careers in law, business, or in the public sector as legal advisors, administrators and policymakers at all levels of government.
  • Global Studies: Custom curriculum with courses in international relations and global issues, international security, international political economy, economic and human development, human rights, and international environmental issues. Career preparation in international business and trade, or with an international governmental or non-governmental organization.

Off-campus, students can maximize their educational experience with local student internships and study abroad programs that give students international, life-changing political science exposure.

On campus, our Model United Nations and Political Science Student Association challenge and engage students outside of the classroom.

The Political Science major paves the path for students seeking graduate studies in Political Science and other social sciences, and provides career preparation in law, domestic and international public administration, politics, teaching, social and community services, planning and policymaking, international business, and journalism.

AJU Political Science graduates have attended highly competitive graduate and law schools including the University of California, Santa Barbara, University of Southern California, Syracuse University, and the Monterey Institute of International Studies.

Please contact the department chair with any questions.


Robbie J. Totten, Ph.D.
Phone // 310.476.9777 x421
Email //

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