Biology & Bioethics

The Biology and Bioethics major within the Department of Bioethics and Natural Sciences (BNS) prepares students for success within a variety of science-related careers. Students are well prepared for acceptance into healthcare-related professional programs such as medicine, dentistry, and pharmacy as well as Masters and Doctoral-level graduate programs. 

Our curriculum harmonizes science and the humanities by offering courses in philosophy and medical ethics, along with biological, physical sciences and mathematics. Professors engage students with the latest information and innovations relevant to the world we live in today as well as with an eye to the future.

Students are given the tools to explore science holistically within a religious, cultural, social, political and economic context. We challenge our students to gain mastery of multiple scientific disciplines, and to harness their education to prepare for their future careers.

The BNS learning environment extends beyond the classroom. Preceptorships (internships) and other practical learning experiences connect our campus to our community and balance scientific and ethical theory with tangible action. Opportunities for off-campus learning include both clinical and research preceptorships at area hospitals such as UCLA, USC, and Cedars-Sinai, as well as at other local area health centers.  

Students learn to apply their technical knowledge to meet the scientific and health care needs of the community at large.

Successful BNS students possess a natural passion for the sciences, and a hunger to explore the meaning of science through an ethical lens. Strong communication and project planning skills are incorporated into many courses throughout the major.

AJU College’s right-sized classes, mentors and professors guide students to begin, follow and finish a well-defined educational and professional path to a successful career.

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Matthew Bahamonde, Ph.D.
Phone // 310.440.1581
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