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  • Lauren Bloom

    Kimberly Duenas

    I want to pursue a career in Jewish non-profit and international humanitarian work and recently I was accepted as a fellow with the Jewish Service Corps. I'll be living in Mumbai, India next year, working at the Jewish Community Center doing program coordinating and youth group development.

    Senior, Pyschology & Literature, Communication & Media, Laguna Niguel, California

  • Lauren Bloom

    Matt Hogan

    I just started an internship with my biochem professor in her lab off campus, learning basic molecular biology procedures under her tutelage.

    Senior, Bioethics & Natural Sciences, Thousand Oaks, California

  • Lauren Bloom

    Rebeccah Minazadeh

    My plan is to become a holistic pediatric neurologist, and I hope to help heal the world. AJU College embodies that principal. The foundation I build here will see me through whatever I aspire to do.

    Senior, Bioethics & Natural Sciences, Encino, California

  • Lauren Bloom

    Lauren Bloom

    I transferred to AJU College after two years in community college. In high school I had become accustomed to individualized classes and attention from instructors—and I thrived. At AJU, I found a community I could call home.

    Senior, Psychology, Orange County, California

  • Lauren Bloom

    Yoni Toker

    AJU College is where I learned to be a leader. Here I was given lots of space and time to grow into myself, to learn who I am, and it taught me a lot about my personal relationship with the Jewish people.

    Senior, Bioethics & Natural Sciences & Psychology, Chatsworth, California

  • Lauren Bloom

    Franky Arechiga

    Whether or not you're Jewish, AJU College is a life-changing experience. This is an exellent place to search for a direction, and it has shown me that anything is possible. It's confirmed my belief that there is no better feeling than to serve others.

    Senior, Psychology, Los Angeles, California

Looking for Life Seekers

Whether you’re going to college for the first time or transferring from another school, the biggest question running through the mind of anyone starting at a new college is – will this be a place where I will be able to find community?

The intimate, close-knit community at AJU College makes you feel at home right away. Whether you are in class, in the cafeteria, or in the dorms, you are among friends. Your professors know and care about you as a person, and you can always meet with them for extra help or just to chat. At AJU, you can feel comfortable approaching anyone – peers, professors, and administrators.

AJU is a place where you know the people, and the people know you.

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